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Legacy Keepers Music

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PrairieTowne String Band


Voices in Time Programs

For the Love of Old-Time, Bluegrass, and Classic Country... 

I'm a Legacy Keepers Music Mentor!


Musicians, parents, grandparents, and kids who'd love to have more classic country, Gospel and Bluegrass music played in your neighborhood--I'm with you! That's why I volunteer with Legacy Keepers Music--a non-profit group that promotes, performs, and preserves old-fashioned traditional music, rich in American heritage, played on stringed instruments-- mentoring others and making new friends.


With decades of experience in elementary education in my background, I also offer private guitar lessons and lead classroom programs--all designed to inspire interest in America’s story thru song. As the volunteer executive director of Legacy Keepers, non-profit educational charity, I encourage students, families and friends to explore ’unplugged’ music,  and donate a portion of my own 'gigs' to help support/employ the next generation of Old Time musicians.


Monies received from sale of items listed on the back page of this site are donated to the 501(c)(3) non-profit when checks or donations are made payable to  'Legacy Keepers Music'. These contributions are fully tax deductible. Donations that go toward Bluegrass Music Summer Camp and other family programs are accepted as well. Thank your for your support.

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Legacy Keepers Music Mentors